Protect your loved ones

Protect your loved ones

What if... Something were to happen to you? Who would care for your loved ones?

A stroke of fate can change the life of your family drastically. Prepare now: So that your loved ones emotional pain is not accompanied by financial worries.

If the worst comes to the worst, Zurich provides a fast and uncomplicated payment.

We would like to make you a recommendation, that is based on the needs of other customers in a similar stage of life like yourself.

Why protect your loved ones with Zurich?

  • Easy online application
    few simple questions
    done in 5 minutes
  • Fair calculated premiums:
    A big safety net for a low price
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  • Insurance expertise
    since 1872
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Just 5 steps to your life insurance

  1. Select your loved ones
  2. Tell us some basic information about yourself
  3. We provide you with three suggestions based upon the needs of similar customers like you
  4. Pick the offer that suits you best
  5. Hand in your completed application form


What are our customers saying?

"Easier and simpler than with other insurance companies."
Stefan (34)
"I never thought it would be so easy to get life insurance."
Frank (40)